Gypsy community development

Work as a volunteer to educate and empower the local tribes in Pushkar


Program Location

2 Weeks

Program Duration

300 $

Starting Rupee Cost

Gypsy Community in Pushkar


It is estimated that seven per cent of the population of India is made up of nomadic tribal groups. The remote desert state of Rajasthan has more than double the national average, and they have a long history. A thousand years ago, a group of nomads left the Thar Desert travelling through the Middle East reaching Europe late in the 13th century. Eventually this migration spread across the entire world. They are the Romani and they have been called “gypsies” in one language or another in nations on every continent. It is a word that has come to define the fictional way of life of a travelling population that uses their wits and talents to earn a living, often outside the boundaries of the law.

But the realities of so-called gypsies are always more complex. In modern times, these descendants of early Rajput clans from western India have been persecuted and discriminated against everywhere they have called home. Their brethren who remained in Rajasthan have not fared much better, sharing the bad reputation and suspicion that follows the world’s wandering tribes. 

Namaste Volunteer is encouraging these small gypsy groups in Pushkar to understand the power of education and how it can enhance their quality of lives and a better way to lead their kids instead of putting them into folk dance presentations, snake-charming shows, camel riding, cattle grazing, begging, prostitution and a lot of other professions that does not need any sort of education. 

The volunteers play a very crucial role specially in this project because the desire of getting educated is not seen actively in these groups, so we need volunteers with high motivation, morale and dedication towards bringing a change in their perspective of seeing life without education. Let’s see how we can bring results into this project;

The project is very near and at a walkable distance from the accommodation. Volunteers can come up with a lot of creative ideas to help this nomad community through various methods. If you wish to come-up with something, you can bring books, stationery, games etc.

Project Background

Project length: Minimum of 1 week to maximum of 24 weeks.

Project dates: Year round. Saturdays are preferred for arrivals but you can choose any date.

Arrival airport: Jaipur Airport (JP) then transfer to Pushkar by bus or taxi.

Accommodation: Local host family and groups in a youth hostel.

Meals: All meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Airlines: Jet airways, Spice jet, Etihad, Indigo, Go Air, Air India etc. Check for cheap flights.

Vaccinations: Routine Vac, Hep-A and Typhoid

As a volunteer, your possible duties are as follows:

  • Interaction with a small group of gypsies
  • Understand their daily routine, life style and make a project plan accordingly
  • Check their literacy level by asking questions and interaction
  • Start educating them from basic level
  • Add some hygiene activities and sanitation plans for their kids
  • Get the help of your project coordinator and discuss your views
  • Implement the plan into action
  • Women hygiene related issues discussion
  • Gypsy rights and check what Indian constitution says about it
  • Encourage local people to help and educate them on a daily basis to bring sustainable results 
  • Come-up with a lot of other ideas


You will be working on the projects from Monday to Friday and weekends are free. On weekends you can visit the numerous religious places in Pushkar like Brahma temple, Holy lake, Savitri temple, Aaloo baba temple and the handicraft market of Pushkar. Apart from this you can buy desert camping package to stay in a desert nearby Pushkar. On weekends after visiting Pushkar city, you can explore Ajmer town that is only 30 kilometers from Pushkar. You can buy sightseeing tours of the magnificent cities in Rajastaan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bundi, Udaipur etc. There’s always something new to discover in Incredible India!

Youth Travel Abroad consists of a dedicated team, whose mission is to empower our youth by providing sustainable projects that bring about real change in local communities. Working in social development enables our youth world-wide to successfully face upcoming challenges in their personal and professional lives. We do not charge for volunteering for these causes. The fee covers services you will receive while working on the projects. The fee is as follows: 

Full Board Services Weekly Fee

If you would like to opt for full board services, provided by Namaste Volunteer, the fee is as follow with the services in the fee are mentioned in the list below.

Application fee: US $99
One time application fee for all Jaipur volunteer program is US $99. The application fee is payable only when we find your application suitable and your skills compatible with the project objectives.

Note: After 12 weeks , every week charge will be USD 150

$ 99

As your application is approved, you will be required to pay the deposit (Application Fee) USD 250 in order to secure your place on orphanage work program.
No extra charges or hidden fees.
  • Pick-up from Jaipur Airport.
  •  Traditional Indian welcome.
  •  A detailed orientation about India, Namaste Volunteer projects, facts about India, and cultural responsibility.
  •  Accommodation in Namaste Volunteer host family in Jaipur.
  • Transfer to Pushkar by bus/train or private vehicle.
  • Accommodation in Namaste volunteer hostel/volunteer accommodation.
  •  All meals (authentic Indian meals) breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  •  Project visit with Namaste Volunteer coordinator.
  •  Resource materials for project use.
  •  Weekly market visit to shop for your necessities.
  •  Cultural classes such as Hindi class, Indian dress workshop, Yoga class, cooking class (Depends on availability of the instructor)
  •  Airport drop at Jaipur airport.
  •  Emergency support.
  •  24 X 7 assistance.

The following services and components are not included in the application fee and full board weekly fee;

  • Air fare.
  • Visa.
  • Insurance.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Local transportation.
  • Donation to the project. (Optional donations can be as minimum US$ 10 to US$ 50)
  • Personal expenses.
  • Travel expenditure to other locations.
  • All other expenses that are not mentioned in “Full Board services” list above.

Namaste Volunteer provides a clean, hygienic and safe place to stay for our volunteers in project destinations. In Pushkar we have a dedicated volunteer hostel/camp nearby the projects, having a capacity of 24 volunteers at a time. The hostel is located at a central place in the town and nearby to all the religious and touristic places in Pushkar. The hostel has four dormitories girls, boys and mixed genders fully dedicated to our volunteers. All the dorms are equipped with comfortable beds, mattresses, air-conditioners/coolers, and washrooms. The following facilities are available in the house:

  • 04 dormitories for 24 volunteers at a time
  • Big and spacious open dining room
  • Kitchen- Equipped with electronic appliances
  • 08 washrooms
  • Electronic appliances
  • 42 inches FHD television with cable network
  • Refrigerator
  • Laundry (paid)
  • Fans and air-coolers in all rooms
  • Lights and ventilation in all rooms
  • Common garden area
  • A big outdoor area for outdoor games
  • Indoor games (cards, carom, board games, etc.)
  • Easy access to market, vegetable stores and city














Important notes about project;

  1. No special background required.
  2. Open for all age groups.