Namaste Volunteer

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Namaste volunteer is an online portal for most affordable, safe and reliable volunteering opportunities provided by Aii Group. We are in to the service since September 2013 and placed around 4000 volunteers till now in different volunteering destinations and meaningful projects.
Applying to a volunteer program is easy. You just have to click on the apply now button given on the website at multiple places and then you will submit an application form to apply.
Think about the things you do that cost money every day. The food you eat, the place that you live, how you get to Once we receive volunteer application form, out team review it and we check the number of placements available in that particular volunteer program and once we are satisfied with your application, we will send you an confirmation e-mail (within 2 to 7 days after applying) with a program fee quotation to pay and secure your, and so on. All of those things cost money – some of which you’ll pay for directly, such as your bus fare or petrol, and some of which you’ll pay for indirectly, such as the road you are walking down, or the fact that your bin got emptied yesterday. You take all those costs with you when you go away. Your volunteering fee will normally cover such things as your food, accommodation, and transport because surely you don’t expect a poor community to pay that for you?! Your food will normally be prepared for you on a volunteering project, and the person who buys and cooks it needs to be paid. Your accommodation will need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure a level of comfort and safety for you. There’ll normally be someone to pick you up at the airport and take you to the project. Also, depending on the project needs, you might be staying some way from it so will need to get taken to and from your volunteer work each day and of course, the minibus and driver need to be paid for. You may even need transport on the actual project itself – for example, if you’re working on a game reserve you will need to travel some distance in a jeep – which needs petrol and maintenance. Your presence abroad should have a positive impact (financially and otherwise) on the place you are staying, and that means covering the costs of hosting you.
We have a very low application fee of US $99 for securing your placement. This fee goes for your pre-arrival documentation, administration, taxes and support to you.
We will send you a quotation for the program fee to pay online through our website via paypal, wire transfer or sometimes you can pay on arrival too. Like in India and Nepal programs, you can pay on arrival. Mostly it covers your lodging, boarding, meals, project donation etc.
Yes, we will send a ‘pre-arrival information kit’ to you, having a lot of necessary information about the destination country, city, project, beneficiaries, housing, meals, weekends plan, travel options, vaccinations, essential packing list, pick-up and emergency contact numbers etc.
The information regarding the visa depends on country to country. Like if you are coming to India, an ETV visa is sufficient for 04 weeks volunteer social travel. So this information you will get in our ‘pre-arrival information kit’.
Yes, in case you need any help in booking your flight tickets, we will be more than happy to assist you. We also can suggest you the best travel insurance.
The information of pick-up will be providing to you in the welcome kit. The local coordinator will be there for your pick-up. We will send you the picture and the phone number/whatsapp number of the person to you in advance with all other instructions.
Every country has a different housing setup for volunteers to stay. Like in India and South Africa you will be staying in a volunteer service apartment with all other volunteers and in Nepal you will be staying in the host families or project location itself and in Sri Lanka you will be staying with the coordinator s family in a big house.
As our volunteer fee is a minimum, we provide the best out of available options for the volunteers to stay. You will get bunk beds, good local meals, filtered water, internet access and Wi-Fi, electronic equipment’s (TV, refrigerator, fans, lights etc.)
The host family/warden of the volunteer house/local coordinator will take you to the nearest best hospital where you can get the claim of your travel medical insurance. The local team will take care you in need.
Mostly your housing, meals, donations and placements are a part of program fee. The extra money you need is, in case you want to buy local sim card, souvenirs, travel on weekends, other adventure and activities, city tours, buying personal items, grocery etc.
You can hire a tuktuk, or Uber moto or the local buses to reach the project destination with other volunteers and staff. Sometimes volunteers walk to the project in case its nearby. Finding a transport is very easy on each location.
Full sleeves/half sleeves t-shirts and pyjamas or pants that we recommend to the volunteers. No tight and short clothes are allowed on the projects. We also recommend not to bring any valuable like gold chains, or expensive materials to the project site.
Weekends are mostly free in all countries. You can buy a trip to local destinations with other volunteers or you can do your laundry, write blogs or roaming around the city. Our local team will help you out to plan your weekends.
You can let the team members know about your flight details and they will arrange a drop off for you to the airport. In some countries it is included in the program fee like India and Nepal.
Our programs are most affordable, safe and reliable because we do a lot of vetting, research and data mining before adding a new volunteer location or a new volunteer program in our portfolio. We personally travel, check, meet the project people, find the housing and check the quality of each and everything that you are going to experience. We believe if you are comfortable you will be able to help the project as much as you can so we do this service for you in advance. All our local coordinators submit their police check to us in advance.
Since 2013 from our inception, we receive the volunteers in the age group of 16-35 and 90% females 10% males and from USA, UK, Spain, Finland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Australia etc.
Yes, you will be awarded by a volunteer participation certificate or a reference letter for your university needs or for any other needs. In case you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at we will be more than happy to assist you.